The Maloy Law Lion

Why The Lion?

The Lion is the logo of Maloy Law.  There are two primary reasons for this.

The centre of the Maloy family crest is a heraldic lion.  Not only does the lion relate directly to the history of the Maloy name, it also relates to the history of the firm.  A lion (albeit a very different lion) is in the logo of our predecessor firm.

The lion has many attributes that our firm can relate to.  The lion lives in a pride, which is a family unit and our firm is a very supportive “pride”.  Lions are an inherently patient animal that only attacks when the need arises.  At Maloy Law we will look to resolve matters collaboratively if possible to achieve the best outcome.  Should this not be achievable then our advocates will display the same tenacity in the courtroom that a lion shows in the jungle.