Criminal & Traffic Law

Criminal Law

With the extensive background our lawyers have in criminal law, you can be confident we know how to get you the best possible result, whether that be on a defended trial or a plea of guilty.  Examining police material for the purpose of identifying defences or establishing mitigation are key skills for a criminal lawyer.  With over 5 decades of examining police material between our lawyers, they have the necessary attributes to best advise clients on how matters should proceed.  

Our lawyers have appeared across the range of criminal offending from shoplifting to murder and the range of courts and court proceedings.

Traffic Law

Traffic based offences, make up a large portion of the work in criminal courts.  Our lawyers not only have experience representing traffic offenders, they know the police policy and how the equipment works.  Our lawyers are qualified in the use of police radar and breath analysis equipment.  Our lawyers know when you should fight a matter and what to say if you are pleading guilty.  We can assist with Special Hardship and Work Licence applications or the early removal of a court ordered disqualification.  If your licence is important to you, you need to get the best help you can.