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Criminal / Traffic Law

Whether it be being able to identify what may constitute a legislative breach on behalf of police, such as unlawful searches, or knowing what submissions may assist in mitigating penalty, you should make Maloy Law your fist and only choice.

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Family Law

Whether it be divorce, parenting proceedings or finalising your matrimonial property, make Maloy Law your first and only choice.

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Domestic Family Law

Whether it be as an Aggrieved or a Respondent in a Domestic Violence matter, you should make Maloy Law your first and only choice.

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Why Our Mix Works

Some lawyers will assist you with whatever legal problem you have.  Unfortunately the breadth of law is that wide that a lawyer dabbling in too many areas will have limited ability to develop expertise across all fields.

Some lawyers will specialise in one field only.  Whilst that is of great benefit in that area, they sometimes will not understand the impact of what a decision in their specialist field will have on other factors in your life.

At Maloy Law, we know what impact your DV order, bail conditions, parenting plan, criminal history or family law orders have on each other and how they inter relate.  You need a lawyer who can advise you as to whether consenting to a DV order will stop you seeing your children, regardless of your Family Court Order – we are those lawyers.

We limit our practise to certain fields that have a bearing on each other and that significantly impact on our client’s lives.